Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribes

Welcome to the Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribes Website

The earth gave us life. We were born on a mountain. The earth gave us the elk. The earth gave us the plants and animals to eat. And, the earth gave us the cedar tree for everything else. The Clatsop-Nehalem People

The Clatsop-Nehalem people share a strong attachment to our homeland on the northern Oregon coast, a strong interest in maintaining the vitality of our unique culture, and a strong commitment to the well-being of our elders, our children and our childrens children. Our Goals are to:

  • Protect & Enhance Cultural Resources
  • Foster Tribal Member Participation in Cultural and Other Local Events
  • Increase Communications between the Tribe, its members, and our neighbors
  • Host Tribal Events & Activities
  • Strengthen Tribal Government

Tribal canoe, “Dragonfly”

Our Traditional Ways

  • We work cooperatively together for the good of All People.
  • All natural things are our brothers and sisters . . . they have things to teach us if we are aware and listen.
  • Our older children look after their younger brothers and sisters.
  • We honor the old ones for their wisdom. They are not cast aside, but continue to hold a place of honor in our families and communities.
  • We prize a good sense of humor . . . especially when directed at ones self.
  • We respect the visions of others.
  • People of old often return to whisper wise thoughts.
  • Our way is giving and sharing . . . if someone is greedy, they will lose everything in the end. We honor a person for what they’ve done for the people, not for what they’ve done for themselves.
  • Our Traditional Way is to feed and make strangers comfortable.
  • We have a proud heritage that continues to live and grow within us.